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PSN Code Generator is a computer program which has the ability to generate psn codes for free using which you can play and download games in PlayStation. You can download psn code generator in the download section.

PlayStation Network is the place to play online multilayer games, chat with gaming friends and download the games. Most of the games in PlayStation are not free we need to buy them. To make the transactions smooth Sony Entertainment implemented PlayStation Network cards available in $20, $50, $100 amounts. One can buy these cards and redeem them in their PlayStation Master account in Sony. Thus, without involving credit cards for safer transactions. Everyone love playing games on PlayStation Network but the only hatred thing is to buy those costly games to play.


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Here comes PlayStation Network Code Generator Project to rescue gamers from losing money $ on games over PlayStation. We are a new hacker Team recently made a program called PSN Code Generator under The PlayStation Network Code Generator project. This project involves building a stable program to generate psn codes for free for PlayStation lovers. The code name of the program is ‘PsN_G3N’. This program has built in capability to connect to Sony servers and retrieve the codes and provide those psn codes to users for free.



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Anthony James G
Wooo its working, Finnaly i can enjoy PSN without having to buy PSN card, thank you so much 🙂 🙂


Simone Casale
omg your my hero ! thanks for sharing psn code generator ! for sure this one isnt like another scam tool !!


Gustafo Santana
i love this tool,hope the update will always available, because PSN changes their algoritm everytime so updates is a must !!!